Creative Ways on Doing a Fundraising Event

One of the most effective ways of raising funds is holding an event. But even so, you have to think out of the box on ideas that will get everyone participating. People are used to the usual black sale or black-tie dinner, and hence this may not psyche them up to donate some funds. If you are thinking of holding a fundraiser here are some tips and tricks to get started.

1. Crowdfunding


They are a great way to raise money from a large population of small donors. The good thing is that they are not expensive to create and for them to be effective social sharing should be involved. Through sharing, the fundraising campaign can go viral and hence raising more money for you. You can tell a story explaining reasons as to why you want to raise money and let your friends and family share it on social media.


2 . Auctions


You can never go wrong with auctions. For it to be effective you need to think outside the box. You can choose to organize a charity auction, and with many prizes on the line, donors will undoubtedly contribute. You can ask for charity auctions from local business or any other willing persons. Also you can choose to do a silent auction. You can think about experiences instead of things. Again, you can sort out for trash art auction where you get artists to create arts from recyclable or waste products. Remember to plan very carefully on the items to be auctioned.


3. T-Shirts Fundraising


Everyone wants to own a comfortable and unique t-shirt. No matter the cause, t-shirt sales can be a great addition to your fundraising. Get to customize the t-shirts so that participants get to remember the event when wearing them. You can choose to partner with an online t-shirt fundraising service for better results.


4. Peer to Peer Fundraising


Just like in crowdfunding, participants create a fundraising page on social media. They then set goals and work towards achieving them. Ideas to use include walkathons and bikeathons among others. By the end of this process an organization will have not only raised money but also acquired new supporters. Plus, this method encourages team building through teamwork.


5. Donating a Kiosk


It is an excellent idea as it can work for any occasion. It allows donors to contribute with their credit or debit cards. Hence you do not have to rely on cash anymore. You have to choose the method by which the donor will give their cards. In some kiosk, the donor is allowed to select the gift amount while in others the donor is the one to set the amount.


6. Charity Runs


Apart from being cheap, they are an excellent way to convince people to raise money. Get joggers, mall walkers and runners to participate in the event. You will be required however, to pay for the venue and refreshments for the racers but the good thing is you can compensate this with money sourced from the entrance fee.


The success of any fundraiser depends on the creativity of the organizer. Get to understand your target donors as they have a different personality. For instance, some may love sporting actions like charity match and runs, but others enjoy getting pampered. Other people love to cook, love to eat and are interested in trying to learn different types of food like recipes for cold pasta dishes, so cooking fundraisers are also popular. If you tap to their personality, it will be easier for them to dig in their pockets.